About Us

At Plantation Steve we've been growing trees since 1974. After purchasing the family farm in 1980 the Christmas tree plantation was increased in size , but still remained small enough to be family-owned and operated. Personal care is grown into every tree on our farm. Today with our daughters becoming the fourth generation owners of the Robinson family farm, our roots here in the Estrie region of Québec are much deeper than the roots of our trees.

We are still wholesaling some of our trees, but our speciality is selling direct to the customer. This makes it much more fun to see the family decide which one to choose, cut it themselves, take photos of the event, and drag it out to the baler to be wrapped with string. It is much more satisfying to see the smiles on the families faces as they leave with their choice of fresh-cut trees.

Here at Plantation Steve it our mission to grow the best tree possible and offer our customers a large choice to choose from and listening to our customers requests.

At Plantation Steve we don't just work with our trees but live with our trees. Come visit us when it's time for your holiday home decorating.